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H2o Clean up

Grab your team and your vessel of choice (Boat, Kayak, or Paddle board) and gear up for the 2nd Annual HOBA Water Clean Up! After the event, trash bags will be weighed at Reds Icehouse. Trash bags, gloves, and HOBA gear will be provided with each vessel!

When? October 21st 9-4PM

After Party @ Reds Icehouse Featuring Baby Fat!


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You'll negotiate a rate between you and your captain. Just find a captain or boat you like, view their reviews and profile, then click 'Book a Trip' and give them the details of your trip. They'll give you a price and you won't be charged until you accept the Trip.  You aren't charged any processing fees for using the app. Just request, book and go!

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All our Captains are actually pre-screened and approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. We only allow licensed boat captains on our platform and we verify that through our Captain Application Process.


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