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Looking for Private Boat Charters? Let HOBA Help!

Rest and relaxation help fight off the many stresses people experience in life. However, finding the ideal way to unwind is often easier said than done. If you love nature and being outdoors, a private boat charter may be the ideal fit. Choosing the right private boat rental is easy with the help of the HOBA mobile app. The HOBA app allows you to search for charter boat rentals in your area. 


We Make it Easy to Book a Boat

For most people, our app is mostly about convenience. When looking for private boat charters, you will find what you’re looking to find quickly and efficiently. You will be able to get information from the captain of the boat directly and negotiate the price for your rental, all from your phone. This means you can book the boat, and be on the water in no time.

Perfect for Corporate Outings

HOBA is perfect for entertaining colleagues, investors, and potential clients. Book a HOBA Captain and talk shop on the water. It’s the perfect, relaxing environment to do business, and you get to know your business associates.


Check the Captain’s Profile

Getting information about what a particular boat costs and how many passengers you can bring aboard is easy when you check out the captain’s profile on the HOBA app. You can rest assured each of the captains on our list was vetted thoroughly. Our company works hard to ensure the boats we advertise are high-quality through our extensive captain application process. You can see a picture of the boat, previous boat rider reviews, and more.


Ready to hop on a boat?