Change Your Career and Become Your Own Boss with HOBA

Are you tired of being stuck in a dead-end job? Would you prefer to work in a profession that gives you the opportunity to be out on the water and not stuck in an office? Boat owners that are ready for a career change should consider becoming a boat captain for hire. This is perfect whether you already have your captain’s license or you need to get one. When you team up with HOBA right now, you can get your captain's license and HOBA will help you pay for it. All you need to be able to provide are pictures of your boat and a few documents. Those documents include payment info, insurance, and your boat registration. You will need a captain’s license before you can begin offering charters.

Just Imagine the Potential

Does freedom, fun and the open water sound like a perfect job opportunity to you? That’s exactly what you’ll get once you’ve registered with HOBA. You’ll be your own boss with the ability to work when you choose and set your own schedule. You also have the ability to set your earning potential. The amount of money you’d like to make is up to you. If you want to get paid more, work more, book more trips and get more tips.

Make the Ocean Your Playground

There's something special and free about the ocean. When you become a boat captain for hire, you’re in for an opportunity that allows you to make the ocean your playground. The open water is the perfect place for fun in the sun whether you’re providing cruising, fishing or just sightseeing boat trips for app users. Don’t hesitate to start one of the most rewarding careers when it comes to boat ownership. Get you captains license today.